Modern business communications, future ready.

Introducing Channel

Mobile messaging for businesses. Connect, communicate, and get work done – on the go.


The what and why.

Often complained about, yet the most pervasive service on the Internet; Email still continues to define how we communicate, work, and run businesses.

Mobile changes many things, but things are about to get more exciting soon. Soon we will be talking to places and things – and that changes everything. Existing communications platforms aren’t designed for this shift, and hence we are building Rightaway – a real-time, ubiquitous, and interoperable messaging platform that would enable us to build and deliver a new wave of products and services for businesses.

Who we are.

We are a small but focused team of engineers, designers, business developers, and industry advisors spread across 4 countries.

We understand and deeply care about the problem we are solving; we have experienced it firsthand at over 25 companies and enterprises. If what we are building intrigues you, do get in touch. We might be looking for someone amazing just like you.

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